March 30, 2023

Humpday Happy Hour with Dr. Eric Roman of DEO and joyFULL people

Humpday Happy Hour with Dr. Eric Roman of DEO and joyFULL people
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Original Air Date Dec 8, 2020

What an amazing episode to get excited about dentistry and finding your purpose in life!  Join JB's classmate, Dr. Eric Roman as he talks about his journey in dentistry which includes private practice, building a DSO and a full career path change!  An amazing episode that is getting us excited about getting him back on again!

Over more than a decade  Eric has enjoyed serving emerging and mid-market DSOs as an operator, founder, executive, and consultant.  After a successful private equity exit from his second DSO he has focused more of his time on executive performance coaching with highly successful entrepreneurs, both in dentistry and outside, as well as on the establishment of products that fill gaps in the current dental landscape but have applications across multiple verticals.

As the founder of joyFULL People (, Eric and his team have developed a simple, modern system to address the 90%+ of practice owners that rate their people as their greatest challenge.  This People + Business brand manages to blend company performance and individual happiness in a most millennial way, shedding the broken traditions of “HR” built during the industrial age.

Alternatively, through Traction for Dental (, Eric’s team provides the only pure, professional implementation of EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System) focused solely on the dental industry.  Made popular through the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman, EOS is spreading like wildfire through our community as a simple, scalable, and adaptable operating platform.

Whether serving as a faculty member supporting the DEO (Dentist Entrepreneur Organization), launching stealthy startups, or supporting mature companies, Eric is a Visionary for Visionaries with a unique gift for inspiring others.