Dentists IN the Know

Dentists IN the Know

A weekly, light-hearted informational program for the dental world, discussing current events, new products and techniques, organized dentistry, and education. Hosted by Dr. Jeff Horowitz, Dr. Chad Duplantis, and Dr. Jennifer Bell, listeners will feel more "In the Know" with what's happening behind the scenes in the dental profession.

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Recent Episodes

Humpday Happy Hour Dr. Bill Robbins - Global Diagnosis

March 23, 2023

Original Air Date 2/24/2021 We are releasing an episode from the archives because it WAS THAT GOOD! Dr. Bill Robbins is a phenomenal dentist, educator, author, mentor and innovator in the world of dentistry. His textbook, …

DINKS with Dr. Amanda Seay of ImP.R.E.S. Courses

March 18, 2023

Wow! This episode was such a fun one to record! Dr. Seay is an amazing clinician, lecturer and mentor for so many dentists. And did we mention she is a big fan of the DINKS, in fact she was one of the first people we hung…

News on the Go with Dentists in the Know 3/15/2023

March 17, 2023

Do you use your cell phone while pooping??? Well we discuss this and many more relevant dental topics such as the CDT enhanced changes, FDA's new investigation on the AGGA device and Colorado's upcoming DHAT licensure. You…

DINKS with Dr. Jim McKee - Clicks and Pops, do they really matter?

March 11, 2023

One of our dear friends has joined us again on our Humpday Happy Hour. If you have any burning questions about occlusion, sleep, airway, or just fantastic restorative dentistry, this is for you. This week is a real treat a…

News on the Go with Dentists in the Know 3/8/2023

March 10, 2023

Tonight we chat about a new article coming out in JADA on prescription toothpaste. Also, the FTC has extended the deadline for comments for the non-compete regulatory changes. Lastly, JB discusses new HPI statistics on den…

News on the Go with Dentists in the Know 3/1/2023

March 4, 2023

A dentist who blows off stem setting World Records, tooth fairy prices impacted by inflation and updates from the ADA standards committee on AI and Dental Insurance Benefits Verification - all things JB covers this week in t…

About the Hosts

Dr. Jeff HorowitzProfile Photo

Dr. Jeff Horowitz


Dr. Jeff Horowitz founded the Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry, a multi-disciplinary group practice in the Conway/Myrtle Beach, SC area. He is also the founder and clinical director for Advanced Sleep and TMJ Centers. His main interests include treatment of sleep disordered breathing, orthodontics, temporo-mandibular disorders, the oro-systemic connection, complex rehabilitation cases and cosmetic care.

Dr. Jennifer BellProfile Photo

Dr. Jennifer Bell


Dr. Jennifer Bell, along with her business partner in 2010, started a general dentistry practice in Holly Springs, NC. They opened their second practice in Angier, NC in 2017. Their practices treat all ages and complexity of cases. Her main interests include rehabilitation cases, complex prosthodontic cases, laser dentistry, and sleep disorders.

Dr. Chad DuplantisProfile Photo

Dr. Chad Duplantis


Dr. Chad Duplantis has 20 years of experience in high-tech restorative and aesthetic dentistry. He has been in private practice since 2000 in the North Fort Worth, Texas area treating all ages with an emphasis on restorative and aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Duplantis has always had an interest in “high-tech” dentistry and has been incorporating CAD/CAM technology in his practice since 2004. Formerly a CEREC user, he is now a user of the chairside system.