April 8, 2023

DINKS with Matt Burton, DDS and Founder of VursaWedge

DINKS with Matt Burton, DDS and Founder of VursaWedge
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Have you ever been frustrated with a product and said "Hey, I can do this better?"  I think we all have and have often wondered how we can make that change.  Well Dr. Matt Burton decided to take action on those thoughts.

Dr. Matthew Burton, DDS has worked as an established dental practitioner in Illinois since 2008. Like most dentists, his schedule was filled with one of the most common procedures: the Class II composite restoration. After several years in his practice working on hundreds of fillings, Dr. Burton became frustrated with the available Class II matrix systems. He tried nearly every system, but none of them provided the efficiency and consistent results he was seeking. He found that the major difficulty lies in properly placing and wedging the matrix bands. If not performed correctly, it cost him valuable time, required unnecessary & timely post polymerization adjustments, and ultimately led to a lack of confidence in the procedure.   Furthermore, Dr. Burton has discovered that different components from different matrix systems, when combined, produce consistently outstanding results.  

Dr. Burton began contemplating new ideas to make his chair-side time more efficient. He discovered that he could simplify & streamline the Class II restoration process by simply re-designing the wedge to "split" down the middle. The flexible Split Wedge allows for proper gingival seal, perfect matrix contour, while greatly minimizing flash.  He ultimately realized that the design of this wedge played a critical role in achieving excellent outcomes in an incredibly efficient way.  With no other products like it on the market, Dr. Burton knew there would be demand for his matrix systems. In 2017, he formed Burton Dental Innovations to begin marketing and selling his products to other dentists who face the same challenges in their own practices. 

Dr. Burton enjoys testing new and forward thinking technology, and embraces these advancements as crucial to office efficiency and case outcome.   He has realized the importance of digital scanning and how software integration platforms are  a key element to utilizing scan data.

Dr. Burton began teaching CE courses to dentists around the world in July 2020 and is enthusiastic to continue to share what he has learned and how it has helped shape a high level of care in his office.