Aug. 30, 2022

Dinks with Linda Miles

Dinks with Linda Miles
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Join Chad, JB and Jeff as they chat with Linda Miles over a cocktail!  What an icon in the dental industry and the DINKS community was lucky to host her!

Linda Miles, CSP (Certified Professional Speaker); is Founder of Linda Miles and Associates, an INC 500 dental management consulting company in 1987. She is also the Founder of the Speaking Consulting Network (1997). SCN has helped hundreds of other dental speakers and consultants start or enhance their own speaking/consulting businesses.

In 2013, she Co-Founded with Robin Morrison, Oral Cancer Cause, a 501 nonprofit that financially assists oral cancer patients during their diagnosis and medical treatment as well as creating awareness to the general public about oral cancer. She currently serves as an advisor to DIY Dental Consulting and Mentors and Masters.

Even though Linda retired to SW FL in 2018, she still stays connected to the profession she loves through the thousands of dentists and teams she has met over her career. Her strength lies in the fact she is a forever learner, keeping abreast of changes in dentistry that will affect the next generation.

Linda is a firm believer that dentistry should be fun; exciting and rewarding for patients, dentists and teams. With better communication, leadership at all levels, efficient systems and a desire to be the best, the sky’s the limit.