Oct. 29, 2022

DINKS with Dr. Tom Viola of Pharmacology Declassified

DINKS with Dr. Tom Viola of Pharmacology Declassified
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Don't miss this week's episode as Tom demystifies Clindamycin and its use in dentistry.  Plus we talk street drugs and what current trends are that we need to know as parents, dentists, and community members.  Join Jeff and JB as talk pharmacology with one of our faves, Tom Viola!

 With over 30 years’ experience as a pharmacist, educator, speaker and author, Tom Viola, R.Ph., C.C.P. has earned his reputation as the go-to specialist for delivering quality continuing education content through his informative engaging presentations. Tom’s sellout programs provide an overview of the most prevalent oral and systemic diseases and the most frequently prescribed drugs used in their treatment.  Special emphasis is given to dental considerations and strategies for effective patient care planning.  As a clinical educator, Tom is a member of the faculty of twelve dental professional degree programs and has received several awards for outstanding teacher of the year. Tom instructs dental hygiene students and practice dental hygienists in pharmacology and local anesthesia in preparation for national board exams.  As a published writer, Tom is well known internationally for his contributions to several professional journals in the areas of pharmacology, pain management and local anesthesia. In addition, Tom has served as a contributor, chapter author and peer reviewer for several pharmacology textbooks.

As a professional speaker, Tom has presented continuing education courses to dental professionals internationally since 2001. Meeting planners agree that Tom is their choice to educate audiences within this specialty.