Feb. 17, 2023

DINKS with Dr. Kelly Tanner RDH of Next Level Dental Hygiene

DINKS with Dr. Kelly Tanner RDH of Next Level Dental Hygiene

In recognition of the upcoming Digital Difference Summit at Align Headquarters on March 3, 3023, we wanted to re-air our interview Dr. Kelly Tanner from March 2, 2022.  Chad, JB and Kelly are participating in a digital event in Raleigh, NC through Align and registration is still open!  Link at the bottom to join.  We love Kelly and what she is doing to level up dentistry and our profession!

Dr. Tanner is an incredible hygienist with a unique way of improving your team.  She will be very entertaining and bring a lot of valuable information to our group.

With a Ph.D. in Business and Leadership, Dr. Tanner uses her skills to train teams in a group practice setting. Kelly’s Ph.D. focused on organizational metacognition, in-depth study of group dynamics, and how to elicit permanent personal and organizational change. Through measured assessments and interaction, Kelly helps create sustainable systems for personal and professional productivity and accountability. Her ability to motivate the team to take ownership for case acceptance builds trust and strengthens the relationship with patients and dental team.

Additionally, Dr. Tanner has served in areas of dental hygiene including academia, corporate, clinical, entrepreneur, researcher. She has been recognized for her outstanding leadership within health care and university settings and is a recipient of the ADHA and Johnson & Johnson Award for Excellence. Kelly loves educating about leadership and clinical concepts that helps teams THRIVE in their profession and their career.