April 19, 2023

DINKS with Dr. Kelly Tanner of NextLevelHygiene

DINKS with Dr. Kelly Tanner of NextLevelHygiene
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The DINKS are back with Dr. Tanner for her second time on the show.  Dr. Tanner always has so much to share about team development, current hygiene education and maximizing your team's output!  

Dr. Tanner is a renowned leader at the forefront of reshaping dental care, helping teams and individuals achieve unprecedented professional fulfillment. With a Ph.D. in Business and Leadership, Dr. Tanner uses her skills to train teams in a group practice setting. 

Through measured assessments and interaction, she helps create sustainable systems for personal and professional productivity and accountability. Her ability to motivate the team to take ownership of case acceptance builds trust and strengthens the relationship with patients and the dental team.