Jan. 17, 2023

DINKS with Dr. John Kois of the Kois Center

DINKS with Dr. John Kois of the Kois Center
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Dr. Kois is legendary.  Many have heard of him.  Many have learned from him.  Everyone that comes into contact with him speaks of how amazing he is.  Rather than sharing a bio, let me share a little about his teaching style directly from the Kois Center website:

When considering a postgraduate teaching program to advance your skills as a practitioner, it is important to recognize the vision that program has for you and your success. Dr. John Kois, director of the Kois Center, wants to “enable motivated dentists to achieve extraordinary levels, expanding knowledge and application skills in restorative dentistry.” This is an admirable goal that will only be achieved if the instruction allows you to succeed in both learning the information and applying the knowledge you have gained.  The message has to first “reach you,” and then be accompanied by a realistic process you can easily follow so you can immediately make a difference in your practice when you return. John’s first passion is to see you succeed. One of the primary tenants of his philosophy is “integrity.” This is pervasive in all aspects of his teachings. First, all of the information delivered is based on independent scientific evidence reviewed at the highest levels. This ensures that its application will yield predictable results. He is also passionate about relevancy, so the material is updated as new research comes out and is implemented into his teachings. He accepts no sponsorships and is not swayed by companies’ agendas. He has developed “systems” so that the clinical protocols will work in “your hands.” He maintains small class sizes so he can interact with you and support you with your questions. John is non-judgmental and encourages you to offer your opinions and views on concepts. He insists that you approach him as an equal colleague and is open-minded and receptive to your questions and concerns. He wants you to have every opportunity to “get it, then do it.”  He has developed an extensive support system, with fellow colleagues (the Tribe), that have completed the courses and are accessible for you to utilize in your practice growth.

He is passionate about teaching. He takes great pride in seeing you learn and succeed. He truly cares about the evolution of dentistry. He understands that you, as committed practitioners, are critical to this success. His passion becomes your passion.

The DINKS start 2023 off like a rocket!