Oct. 11, 2022

DINKS with Dr. Jeffrey Harrison on Sleep Dentistry

DINKS with Dr. Jeffrey Harrison on Sleep Dentistry

Dr Jeff Harrison is the National Clinical Director of Sleep Group Solutions and has recently been appointed Chief  Implementation Office CIO of APZME the first Dental Sleep Medicine DSO in the United States. SGS is the only company today offering a comprehensive solution for dental offices who are wanting to implement a “Turn-Key” Dental Sleep Medicine department. APZME Dental Sleep Partners is a provider of DSM practice management and partnership solutions.  Dr. Harrison graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry, completed a General Practice Residency at St John’s Mercy Medical Center in his hometown of St Louis, MO, and has achieved Mastership Certification in laser assisted dentistry from the World Clinical Laser Institute.

For three decades, Dr. Harrison has served the dental profession as a Key Opinion Leader, Educator, Professional Speaker, Consultant, and Clinician. He is the Founder of Colorado Laser Dentistry and Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions and retired from clinical practice in 2020 to step into his various roles at Sleep Group Solutions.

Early in his career, Dr. Harrison began recognizing that his patients were displaying signs and symptoms unexplained by what He was taught in dental school and residency. This challenge led him to seek out

continuing education programs, attempting to uncover the “root cause” of what was affecting so many of his patients. This journey has landed him in the exciting, growing, and ever evolving field of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Harrison believes the time is now for dentistry to progress beyond just fixing teeth and gums and become a real player on our patients healthcare team. Thus improving and prolonging the lives of our patients.