March 25, 2023

DINKS with Dr. Jeffrey Gurian -

DINKS with Dr. Jeffrey Gurian -
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What would you do when you were done with dentistry?  We are excited to have a guest this week that has decided to take an inspirational path following his retirement from dentistry, Dr. Jeffrey Gurian.  Also there is no one in the comedy world he does not know....we are convinced of this now.  Join us for an heartwarming, open and often quite funny tell of a dentist who found is way into the exciting and entertaining world of comedy.  

About Dr. Gurian:

People often refer to Jeffrey Gurian as a “Renaissance Man”, because he’s involved in so many things. He’s a doctor, lecturer, and motivational speaker, but he’s also a comedy writer, performer, director, author, producer, and radio personality, and not always in that order.   

Jeffrey is a former Cosmetic Dentist and former Clinical Professor at New York University in the Oral Medicine/Oro-Facial Pain Department, and a Board member of The Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy since 1999, where he has lectured on his technique known as "STAR" Therapy™, an acronym for Spiritual, Transformational, Affirmative, Resonance Therapy" as a way to treat  the physical symptoms of stress-related illness especially Migraine-type headaches, often cause by clenching and grinding the teeth. (Bruxism) 

Jeffrey is currently involved in creating two new television shows and is in pre-production with two films he wrote. He is also an Amazon best-selling author with eight books, and the host of Comedy Matters TV, an internet channel with over 500 video interviews he's done as a red-carpet host with A-list comedians like Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler, Chris Rock, Bob Saget, Amy Schumer, Jim Carrey, and so many more, and well over 2.5 million views.  He also created The Happiness Show with the help of Sirius XM radio. 

He’s worked with and befriended many big stars and comedy legends, ranging from Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, George Wallace, Phil Hartman, Richard Belzer, Gilbert Gottfried, and Andrew “Dice” Clay, among many others to relative new stars like Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Tracy Morgan and Bill Burr.  

Jeffrey has performed stand-up comedy at most of the big clubs in NY and L.A. and was featured several times on Comedy Central’s hit Kroll Show with Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Laura Dern and Katy Perry.  

He’s been profiled in the NY Times, the Hampton’s premiere magazine Dan’s Papers, and is on the cover of Sutton Place Magazine’s January 2023 issue, and  and has been featured as a guest on NBC, CBS, ABC, WPIX, Newsmax, CNN and more. 

He’s produced sold-out charity comedy shows starring Kevin Hart and Susie Essman, and according  to Paul Provenza, and Nick Kroll  is known by everyone in comedy. A documentary film about Jeffrey premiered in July of 2020, and you can see it online.

A best-selling author with eight books, the first five are on comedy, and the last three are on Happiness and how to think positively to change your life.  The success of those books has allowed him to become a motivational speaker on Happiness and mindset.