May 26, 2023

DINKS with Dr. Daniel Faber of Dentists Making a Difference

DINKS with Dr. Daniel Faber of Dentists Making a Difference
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Ever been censored?  Well, tune in tonight and see what motivated this dentist to speak out about what he had been seeing!  Some would have run, and others would have been motivated.  Dr. Faber is using his experience to impact our profession in many ways.

Dr. Daniel Faber (Dan) is guided by a mission to impact access to HIGHER QUALITY oral healthcare for all here in the US and globally and he’s attacking it a few different ways that may surprise you.  After building his 2005 scratch practice based on his focus on building rapport and collaboration with patients in providing actual comprehensive care, he sold the practice and pivoted his career to expand his impact on dentists and patients.  He consulted with other dentists, even dabbled with a dental tech startup and then pursued a MPH (masters in public health). 

This led to discovering a passion and talent for teaching with a more practical and creative approach to D3 and D4s at dental school where he confronted concerning behaviors and direction of the administration.  He left the school recently after speaking up publicly about what he was seeing which has since expanded the conversation more by what others are experiencing in their institutions.

Dan continues to speak out and advocate for aspiring and current dental students, younger dentists, the profession and of course for the public, our patients.  He still treats patients part time, is exploring more direct ways to continue to teach dentists and other opportunities to work and get involved with grassroots public health endeavors for dental care.