Jan. 3, 2023

DINKS with Dr. Alexandria Russ, Dentist and Sommelier

DINKS with Dr. Alexandria Russ, Dentist and Sommelier
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Our end of the year episode with a fun wine tasting presented to us by Dr. Alexandria Russ.  You can follow along on the podcast to try some of the wines mentioned as well!

Dr. Alexandria Russ is a general dentist and just bought her first practice 6 months ago in Boulder, Colorado. After graduating dental school, she spent 2 years traveling around the world  and has visited 56 countries. She is a recent Kois graduate and has spent the last 6 years studying wine. She is a certified advanced wine sommelier, WSET level 2 certified, and is French wine scholar.  She recently merged her passion of dentistry and wine with her new venture “Stained tooth dental education” where she offers dental CE located in beautiful wine regions around the US and Canada.