Feb. 7, 2023

DINKS with Carlos Rodriguez, RDH, Comedian

DINKS with Carlos Rodriguez, RDH, Comedian

We are really excite to have Carlos on and talk about his new venture outside of the op!  This episode is sure to be a refreshing break from the norm!

Introducing "The Team Resonance Whisperer" Carlos, the dental hygienist with the magic touch for boosting team engagement, reducing burnout, and quieting the quitting in your dental practice. Our emotional intelligence workshop is specifically designed for dentists and their teams. With over 25 years of experience under his belt (and a whole lot of jokes up his sleeves), Carlos knows how to make learning fun and engaging.

Through a combination of a hilarious expert-led lecture, group discussions, Q&A, and follow-up calls, you'll learn how to:

Identify and understand your own emotions and how they impact your work 

Communicate effectively with your team and patients (even the ones who show up late and then want to use the restroom)

Build and maintain positive relationships with your colleagues 

Manage stress, prevent burnout, and minimize turnover (because nobody has time for that)

Transform your workplace into a culture of empathy and compassion where team members love coming to work every day

By increasing your emotional intelligence, you'll create a happier, more productive work environment. Don't let burnout and low team morale bring your practice down. Invest in your team's emotional intelligence with Carlos and watch your productivity (and profits) soar. Contact us now to learn more and sign up for the workshop.