April 20, 2023

Dentists in the Know with Kandra Sellers, RDH of TIPS Medical Billing

Dentists in the Know with Kandra Sellers, RDH of TIPS Medical Billing
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It's time to talk about the hot topic of the hour, medical billing with a great friend of the DINKS, Kandra Sellers.

We all know there is a link between the oral health and the rest of your body. If that is the reality, we should be billing many of our procedures as a medical specialist to medical carriers. After all, your patients have benefits for many of the things you do every day in your practice.

About our guest:

Kandra Sellers, RDH, BA is widely considered one of the most passionate and successful coaches any practice could partner with. With over 30 years in the dental industry, Kandra has had many different career roles due to the fantastic mentors she has met along the way. She is no longer seen as “just a dental hygienist,” which is a profession certainly not to be minimized. Instead, Kandra is now viewed as a predominant educator in the field of oral systemic health intertwined with dental medical billing, as well as creator and CEO of TIPS Medical Billing. Kandra is able to educate, implement processes, and professionally coach doctors and team members to the next level of where the dental profession is heading. In creating TIPS (Tandem In-Practice Solutions), the niche is implementation to ensure successful outcomes to billing the medical procedures that dentists do every day. Dental practice owners seeking a coach that can elevate their practice production and revenue through solid protocols for optimal oral systemic solutions and medical billing are raving about Kandra’s ability to move both doctors and team members towards excellence.